The Kinnemaniac is better known to his parents as freelance film critic Simon Kinnear. A longstanding Total Film contributor, he is now a seasoned film reviewer in print and the guy who writes the big Monday movie feature for the TF website most weeks. His articles on cinema and television have also been published in SFX and Doctor Who Magazine, and he writes film reviews and features for Digital Spy, VODzilla, The Big Picture, Clothes on Film and Hope Lies. He regularly introduces movie screenings at Derby QUAD if you want to buy him a pint. He is a contributor to the World Film Locations series from Intellect Publishing, with entries in the editions on New York, New Orleans, Glasgow and San Franciso.  His writing on Doctor Who has also appeared in collections published by Telos Publishing, Mad Norwegian Press and ATB Publishing. This is where he posts all the crap nobody else will publish, with an emphasis on DVD and Blu-ray reviews, movie news and arcane trivia.

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