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Adventures in Cinema: September 2014

September 11, 2014 by Simon Kinnear in In Cinemas with 0 Comments

GuestContinuing Kinnemaniac’s new regular monthly column, offering short reviews of every new film seen at the cinema during any given month. This will be updated after every cinema visit for an ongoing summary of what’s worth seeing on the big-screen. See also January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August.

The Guest

Director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett’s follow-up to You’re Next continues this exciting new team’s ability to refresh familiar genres while being scrupulously fair about playing by their rules.  This time: they tackle the ‘mysterious visitor’ film with a little help from MVP Dan Stevens, brilliantly cast against type.  HIGHLIGHT: David calmly takes down a headmaster without lifting a finger. “I’m a friend of the family.”

Sacro GRA

A documentary about a ring road? You might well think such a film couldn’t possibly go anywhere except round in circles, but Gianfranco Rosi’s Silver Bear winner takes time to chart the lives of the forgotten, marginalised folk the commuters pass by.  HIGHLIGHT: A fisherman takes issue with an ill-informed newspaper article while his obviously long-suffering wife blithely ignores his rant.


The reputation of Bela Tarr’s seven-hour epic about a Hungarian farm couldn’t be more daunting, yet it’s the art-house cinema equivalent of a box-set binge.  Give in to the rhythm of Tarr’s seemingly endless long takes, and there is so much tonal variety and breathtaking shot-making that the time flies by.  HIGHLIGHT: The central dance sequence which gives the film its name, at once hilarious and nightmarish.


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