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Adventures In Cinema July 2014

July 18, 2014 by Simon Kinnear in In Cinemas with 0 Comments

Continuing Kinnemaniac’s new regular monthly column, offering short reviews of every new film seen at the cinema during any given month. This will be updated after every cinema visit for an ongoing summary of what’s worth seeing on the big-screen. See also January, February, March, April, May, June.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Michael Bay attempts to reboot his own franchise and half-succeeds with an improved cast, less slapstick and the saga’s most interesting plot(s).  Yet the king of overkill can’t quite curb his worst excesses; we’re in beyond-weird territory when a kids’ film debates the legal technicalities of having sex with minors in an ill-advised attempt to cover the film’s sexism.  HIGHLIGHT: a vertical chase down a Hong Kong apartment block that reminds us that, whatever his faults, Bay has an enviable knack for blockbuster action.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Shaping up to be the decade’s most interesting and relevant blockbuster franchise, Matt Reeves’ sequel-to-the-prequel is a impressively cogent exploration of the mechanics of revolution that (mostly) swaps spectacle for old-school immersion in storytelling – even to the point where its FX achieve such verisimilitude you forget Andy Serkis’ mo-capped Caesar isn’t a real ape.   HIGHLIGHT: The apes-only beginning, which achieves the radical aim of placing the non-human title characters at the heart of their own franchise. Take note, Transformers.


The ultimate Method film, in which Richard Linklater shows life in all its complexity through nothing simpler than living it for twelve glorious years. If Gravity dared to take us into space, Boyhood is its equivalent in time; the technical achievement is no less daunting and difficult to comprehend, and the emotional satisfaction is absolute.   HIGHLIGHT: Star Ellar Coltrane, having grown in confidence from six-year-old novice to teenage veteran while we watch, executes a trademark Linklater walk-and-talk tracking shot with effortless precision.

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