The Great Escape – Back On The Big Screen

Da Da Da. Daaaa da-da da da.  Elmer Bernstein’s march is one of the most famous tunes in cinema history, and you’ll be hearing it a lot over the next few weeks as the unofficial anthem of English football.

Meanwhile, it can’t have escaped (geddit?) your attention that 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the real-life great escape, the event which inspired John Sturges’ 1963 movie gem.

Both of these are reasons enough to visit Derby QUAD on Sunday, when I’ll be introducing The Great Escape as part of Epic! – the strand for must-see movies on the big screen that has already seen sell-out crowds for Lawrence Of Arabia, Gone With The Wind and many other cinema classics.

But if you want another reason, consider this. Most people don’t even think of The Great Escape as a big-screen movie, it’s become that associated with long, lazy Bank Holiday afternoons.  Yet as an example of ensemble acting, vivid exposition, world-class stunts and nail-biting suspense (even when you know the outcome), it deserves to be seen back in its original home.

The Great Escape begins at 2pm on Sunday 8th June.  To book tickets, visit

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