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Adventures In Cinema: May 2014

May 12, 2014 by Simon Kinnear in In Cinemas with 0 Comments

Continuing Kinnemaniac’s new regular monthly column, offering short reviews of every new film seen at the cinema during any given month. This will be updated after every cinema visit for an ongoing summary of what’s worth seeing on the big-screen. See also January, February, March, April.


Tom Hardy swaps Bane’s suffocating mask for the equally claustrophobic confines of a BMW in Steven Knight’s experimental man-in-a-car drama. The result is a surprisingly captivating abstraction of thriller conventions, a very literaly hero’s journey that finds drama in concrete and conversation rather than fights or explosions. HIGHLIGHT: the unspoken subtext that Locke simply wants to avoid watching the footie with his sons because he’s Welsh and they’re English.


An intriguing exercise in combining classic Godzilla movies with modern Hollywood.  Far less generic than the much-derided 1998 version, Gareth Evans freely mixes familiar tropes with the odd narrative surprise to restore the titular beast’s lustre. HIGHLIGHT: even though the creature is rendered using CGI, Godzilla still moves as though there’s an uncomfortable crease in its ‘rubber suit’.

Thanks to Derby Quad and Showcase Cinemas.

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