I Like The Way You Vote, Boy! The results are in for the Best Films of 2013 so far

July 4, 2013 by Simon Kinnear in Opinion with 0 Comments

Thank you to everyone who voted in my third annual poll to find the Best Films of 2013 so far either here or via my Twitter feed.  After much to’ing and fro’ing, and several people changing their votes once they’d seen Before Midnight, the results are in.

And they make for fascinating reading, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  1. Django Unchained (40 points)
  2. Cloud Atlas (35 points)
  3. Stoker (27 points)
  4. Iron Man 3 (25 points)
  5. Beyond The Hills (23 points, 4 first places)
  6. Much Ado About Nothing (23 points, 2 first places)
  7. Side Effects (20 points)
  8. Before Midnight (19 points)
  9. To The Wonder (18 points)
  10. The Place Beyond The Pines (14 points)
* Results were calculated by ranking preferences, with the first choice getting 5 points and the fifth chocie getting 1 point.

In the event of a tie, I used the number of first places to differentiate titles.

So, in the end, it was Django Unchained that takes its place alongside previous winners Submarine and Moonrise Kingdom. It was the film I had a hunch would win; however, right up until the last vote, Cloud Atlas would have won this, on the basis of its superior number of first places. That would be been an upset given its mixed critical reception, but a fitting winner in a poll where partisan support from fellow bloggers can make a big difference.

That said, Tarantino is an apt winner in a year where the results look like a 1990s revival. Alongside QT, there are films by fellow indie icons Steven Soderbergh and Richard Linklater, plus places for Nineties scribes Shane Black and Joss Whedon. Even the ‘youngest’ directors, Cristian Mungui and Derek Cianfrance, already have films under their belt, making this the first Kinnemaniac halfway poll without a single debut making the top 10.  Scratch that, top 15, because bubbling under were…

  • Les Miserables
  • Mud
  • No
  • Post Tenebras Lux
  • Zero Dark Thirty

Les Miserables was the subject of an attempted vote rigging by people who knew I hated it. Nice try, guys!

Incidentally, while I don’t vote so as not to affect the results, my choices wouldn’t really have mattered.  My favourite of the year so far (Neighbouring Sounds) was miles off the pace, so the only difference would have been that Beyond The Hills (my #2) would have leapfrogged Iron Man 3 to take fourth place overall.

Anyway, here’s to the second half of the year. I wonder how many of these films will appear in people’s lists once the whole 12 months have elapsed?

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