We Are Family – previewing ID Fest 2013 at Derby QUAD

April 18, 2013 by Simon Kinnear in Festivals, Opinion with 1 Comment

Typical. An ace film festival on my very doorstep, and I can’t make it due to prior commitments.

Sadly, I won’t be attending the 2013 ID Fest at Derby QUAD, which takes place 9-12 May but, based on past experience, I urge you all to go.  The 2012 ID Fest was wonderful, with guests as varied as Mike Hodges, Paddy Considine and Brian Blessed.

The 2013 event, which mixes screenings and talks all themed around the concept of family, offers several events that I’m particularly sad to be missing.  In no particular order, here are four highlights that would be on my must-see list.

Terry Jones In Conversation. I’m actually in the middle of my first Monty Python marathon in over a decade, so I’m absolutely gutted to miss out on this Q&A with arguably the Pythons’ most influential figure, whose experimental approach to comedy shaped the format of the TV show and who later found his niche as director of their films, including The Meaning Of Life (screening at ID Fest).  My consolation prize is that I chatted to Carol Cleveland when she was at QUAD earlier this year, but still…

Martin Stephens In Conversation. For a few years at the beginning of the 1960s, Stephens was Britain’s creepiest child star, as an alien moppet in Village Of The Damned and as a haunted child in The Innocents (screening at ID Fest).  I interviewed Stephens, now a retired architect, over the phone in 2009 for a feature on Village Of The Damned and he was full of great stories about a Golden Age of British genre film.  I’d have loved to have said hello in person.  Alas: no.

The Dark Side of Oz.  Everybody’s heard the rumour that Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side Of The Moon is structured to provide a musical counterpoint to events in The Wizard Of Oz, right?  But few can be bothered to see if the urban legend is true.  In an innovative screening hosted by my pal Adam Batty of Hope Lies At 24 Frames A Second, ID Fest is offering you the chance to find out.  Either watch the film as normal, or don headphones so you can prog-rock out to the Floyd while you’re watching.  As for me, the nearest to Oz I’m getting is seeing Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead get to #2 in the Charts.

The Iceman preview.  Ironically, the one screening I can make is a film I only saw last month.  The opening night preview sees a screening of Ariel Vromen’s thriller about a sociopathic hitman who also manages to be a doting family man.  It’s a solid if overfamiliar film, noticeably indebted to Goodfellas, but it benefits from a chilling performance by Michael Shannon as the title character and a skewed take on the festival’s theme.  I’ll post a full review in the run-up to the event.

For more details on ID Fest, visit the website at and please make every effort join the Midlands’ premier cinematic family.

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