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January 19, 2013 by Simon Kinnear in On Tour, Opinion with 0 Comments

Yesterday, Kinnemaniac made its debut on the radio, talking about Epic! – my new strand at Derby QUAD introducing some of the must-see big-screen films.

Hopefully I didn’t make too much of a tit of myself, and it’s always nice to give a big-up to Moviedrome.  I’m also proud to be won a dare to get the word “bottom” into the interview!

The first Epic! screening, of Lawrence Of Arabia, takes place tomorrow (Sunday 20th January), but the radio interview will remain on ‘Listen Again’ until Friday 26th January.

Here’s the link:

My interview begins from around the 1:17:00 mark (after The Killers) and continues – with a break for Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson – until 1:30:00.

Epic! will be back in March. No word yet on whether Radio Derby will have me back to talk about bottoms again.

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