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December 26, 2011 by Simon Kinnear in Opinion with 0 Comments

Because there’s more to a year of watching films than what was released this year…

Top 10 UK releases of 2010 I didn’t see until 2011

1. Winter’s Bone
2. Easy A
3. Kick-Ass
4. Enter The Void
5. Gainsbourg
6. Monsters
7. Uncle Boonmee Who Can See His Past Lives
8. Cemetery Junction
9. Shrek Forever After
10. Burlesque

Top 10 old films I didn’t see until 2011

1. Andrei Rublev
2. Whisper Of The Heart
3. The Ballad Of Narayama
4. Before Sunset
5. Night And Fog
6. Man On Wire
7. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer
8. Milk
9. Lawrence Of Arabia
10. How The West Was Won

Top 10 favourites I rewatched in 2011

1. Love Me Tonight
2. Dazed And Confused
3. The Empire Strikes Back
4. Le Mepris
5. L.A. Confidential
6. Pulp Fiction
7. Out Of Sight
8. Went The Day Well?
9. The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
10. Diamonds Are Forever

And, if you really must know…

Top 10 Films of 2011

1. Attack The Block
2. Kill List
3. Blue Valentine
4. The Fighter
5. The Tree Of Life
6. Le Quattro Volte
7. Senna
8. Submarine
9. How I Ended This Summer
10. Bridesmaids

Honourable mentions: The Interrupters; Hugo; Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; The Rum Diary; Arrietty; Drive; 13 Assassins; Black Swan; Rubber; X-Men First Class

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