RIP Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011 by Simon Kinnear in Opinion with 0 Comments

1996: I see Toy Story three times at the cinema, and a fourth time on video at Christmas. It sails into my top ten favourite films and it’s never left.

2003: I get my first iPod. I rediscover my entire record collection, not least all those movie soundtracks bought on a whim that would otherwise languish under cover of dust.

2009: I buy my first iPhone. Within a month, a conversation on Twitter I’d otherwise probably never have had blooms into a new gig introducing films to cinema audiences. Not to mention all the new friends I’ve made.

Millions of people will have similar stories to tell today, but the common denominator is the same. Steve Jobs proved that businesses could be run with passion and integrity, with a “strategy” that was nothing more complex than a desire to make the world a happier, more connected place.

Thank you.

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