London Film Festival 2011 – red carpet-bombing the capital this October

September 9, 2011 by Simon Kinnear in Festivals with 0 Comments

What do the following films have in common? Chinatown. City Of God. Videodrome. Sideways. Independence Day.

Aside from being unrivalled masterpieces of the big screen, all five were made by directors who are bringing their latest films to the London Film Festival, running 12th-27th October.  Along with plenty of other eagerly awaited stuff that will no doubt be winning friends and influencing Oscar voters over the next year.

So it’s probably worth checking out.  I will be…assuming my accreditation doesn’t get lost in the post.

Meanwhile, here’s the rather natty number the LFF is wearing as its brand image this year. An instant glamour pick-me-up for a city that needs one after the summer’s riots.

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