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83rd Academy Awards – Oscars in review

June 26, 2011 by Simon Kinnear in At Home with 2 Comments

Summer has begun. We’re in the middle of blockbuster season. So why the hell are you reading something about the Oscars? What kind of movie blog is this, anyway?

Oscars 2011 83rd Academy Awards Christian Bale Natalie Portman Melissa Leo Colin Firth

Well, for the first time in years, I’ve seen and reviewed every nominee for Best Picture.  No mean feat considering there were 10 films competing for the prize.

Some of ’em I’ve already written about on Kinnemaniac. A couple I’ve done for Total Film.  So, for the next week, I’m going to complete the set with movie reviews of the rest.

Those Oscar nominees in full:

127 Hours – Kinnemaniac review
Black Swan – Kinnemaniac review – see also my introduction to Black Swan
The Fighter
– Total Film Blu-ray / DVD review
Inception – Kinnemaniac review – see also my Inception introduction
The Kids Are All Right
– Kinnemaniac review
The King’s Speech – Kinnemaniac review
The Social Network – Total Film Blu-ray / DVD review – see also my Social Network movie intro
Toy Story 3
 – Kinnemaniac review
True Grit – Kinnemaniac review
Winter’s Bone – Kinnemaniac review
Oh, and while we’re here, Nostradamus has something to say about the 84th Academy Awards…

Terence Malick will win the Best Director Oscar for The Tree of Life.

You heard it here first.

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