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December 13, 2010 by Simon Kinnear in On Tour with 0 Comments

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m not a regular blogger, it’s because so much of my writing time is taken up penning online features for Total Film.

As it happens, today sees the publication of my 100th such piece…and what a joyful choice of landmark, given that the subject is the 50 Greatest Movie Happy Endings.  Aw.

For the record, I started doing these in November 2008, so I’ve averaging just under two a week.  During that time I’ve covered everything from Avatar conspiracy theories to childhood toys that should be movies; stayed up into the early hours reporting on the BAFTA Awards; devised imaginary reboots for classics that I secretly hope they make; and (apparently) inspired two friends to write short screenplays based on a chilling tale I made up for an article on superstitions.  I even took my own advice by buying a T-shirt I recommended.

In summary: if I’ve not posted something here for a while, that’s probably because I’ve posted something here.

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