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For The Next Three Days, this is all I’ll be talking about

November 29, 2010 by Simon Kinnear in On Tour with 1 Comment

When friends start calling you to say they’ve seen your name on the big screen or plastered onto a poster, it’s hard not to fear the worst, and assume that either a) a terrorist has stolen my identity to wreak havoc with my credit rating or b) I’ve inadvertently threatened to blow something up on Twitter.

However, the truth is both more mundane and more fandabulous than that:

The Next Three Days 2010 Paul Haggis Russell Crowe


Oh, and also this – play close attention to 1:42

My next mission: to get this movie blog named on a poster!

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    […] a name on a film poster” off my bucket list, after calling Russell Crowe’s thriller The Next Three Days “superb.” (Technically, it was only Crowe’s performance I felt was […]

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