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The Perfect Organism: an Alien Anthology

October 26, 2010 by Simon Kinnear in On Tour, Retro with 0 Comments

Stop sniggering, it says “organism.”  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 31 years, you ought to know that it’s a quote from the mighty Alien.

I’ve been writing a lot recently about Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, and its sequels of varying quality, to coincide with the release this week of the frankly astonishing Alien Anthology Blu-ray box-set.

I know, I know… Not everyone can afford to go Blu.  Others haven’t been swayed by its promise of superior sound and vision.  One lunatic I know is actively avoiding it to keep faith with the scratch-and-hiss of retro VHS. 

So for those who won’t be seeing Alien Anthology any time soon, here’s my very own anthology of stuff about the movies:

I stopped short of doing a fourth article: Quadrilogy be damned.

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