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Total Film #172 & online shenanigans

September 1, 2010 by Simon Kinnear in On Tour with 0 Comments

New issue’s out today.  Head straight to the Lounge section for my stuff – lots of reviews.

Big pieces on:

Wall Street

Plus capsules on films:

Date Night
City of Life and Death
Charlie’s Angels (also online: clicky the link)
Loving Memory


Karaoke / Cold Lazarus


Edith Head: The Treasury of the Fifty-year Career of Hollywood’s Greatest Costume Designer

Plus lots of other amazing stuff written by other amazing people, obviously.

While you’re queueing at the newsagent, why not visit the Total Film website and read some of the funky features I’ve written recently?

How to Reboot Robocop
Battle Royale: Movie Cats vs Movie Dogs
30 Ways to Improve The Movies (bit of a team effort, but I pulled it all together)
How to Reboot Fantastic Four
Hollywood vs The Asylum
How to Reboot Back To The Future
Watching 23 Movies Backwards
23 One Letter Off Movie Posters
23 Female Characters for The Avengers

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