So, who’s the fella in the logo, then?

August 15, 2010 by Simon Kinnear in Features with 0 Comments

Last week saw the arrival of’s first – and probably only – competition, in order to find a new home for my old DVD copy of Breathless now the Blu-ray’s coming out (and very nice it is, too).

To enter, all folk had to do was answer this two-part question…

Who is the gentleman who appears on the logo? And what film is the image taken from?

…or, failing that, make me laugh with a funny wrong answer.  Good job I included that sub-clause, as not one entrant correctly identified the fella with the film camera.  Actually, Adam Batty of Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second did know the answer, but since he already had the prize he didn’t enter.


In retrospect, it was probably the wrong combo of question and prize, given that the man in question was the cinematographer of Breathless.  The last thing anybody who is geeky enough to know their Nouvelle Vague needs is another copy of the film that made it famous. 

Yes, the answer is Raoul Coutard, the genius cameraman of the French New Wave.  The actual image is a screen shot from the opening credits of Godard’s filmmaking satire Le Mepris, in which Coutard makes a cameo as the cameraman shooting the film-within-the-film.  (What do you mean, you’ve not seen it?  I’ve been cheerleading it as one of The 34 for ages!)  

So that’s who Logoman is.  As for the winner, the funniest wrong answer by far was from Chris Laverty, editor of ace film fashion blog Clothes on Film, who incorrectly identified Logoman as thus:

It’s Griff Rhys Jones. The film: Nuns on the Run
No doubt in my mind. None.

If you squint hard enough, Coutard does indeed look a bit like Griff Rhys Jones.  Trouble is, Jones isn’t in Nuns on the Run!

Anyway, Chris wins the Breathless DVD for precisely that British comedy slip-up, so well done there, Chris.  Considering Breathless such a stylish film and a perennial touchstone for fashion designers, I expect nothing less than a full Clothes on Film review in due course.

As for the rest of you, go and watch Le Mepris immediatement!

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